Upcoming Issue: Sunset Review

Hi there, TEAM!

There is an immediate issue before Colorado MFTs: the 2020 Sunset Review of Colorado’s Mental Health Practice Act.

A sunset review is a comprehensive analysis by the legislature of the statutes to determine, among other things, whether state regulation of the various mental health professions should continue. Sunset reviews are also an opportunity to change various sections of the statutes, if necessary.

We have the opportunity to recommend changes and strengthen the case for our license over the next year. Krista Speicher, who served as the final president of COAMFT, has been participating in DORA's review of the statute over this past year. AAMFT has agreed to chip in to hire a lobbyist to assist us in this process.

What do we need from you? Colorado’s Family TEAM is gathering of group of Colorado LMFTs and Candidates to identify and prioritize areas we identify as needing tweaking in current statute. We need your input!

If you want to be involved, send Colorado’s Family TEAM leadership a message by clicking here!

You can also learn more about the Sunset Review process, at the following website: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/dora-oprrr/coprrr-sunset-reviews.

Barbara Allen Ford