The RMFTN Story


Our story isn't a long one. Back in 2015 when AAMFT began discussing with the membership the idea of restructuring away from state divisions, they proposed something similar to how many other national professional organizations work:  networks or groups centered around particular topics, areas, or treatment modalities. 

Colorado's state division, the Colorado Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, had consistently been a strong presence in the Rocky Mountain region for MFTs. It provided incredibly value and support to its members through networking, continuing education, conferences, newsletters, and legal updates. Both leadership in the organization as well as members recognized the value COAMFT had provided as well as the desire and need for some organization to continue. After long deliberation, the decision to support the development of a network was made.

In February of 2018, COAMFT leadership met with interested members to formally devleop the application for a new network. Discussion around the need for broader geographic support of MFTs beyond just Colorado was raised and the decision to expand it to a regional netowrk was made. By the end of the day, those serving as the inaugural leadership were selected and both the mission and goals for the Rocky Mountain Family Therapy Network were sketched out. Shortly after, the application was submitted to AAMFT. On May 18th, 2018, we recevied formal word from AAFMT that the network was approved.

As we are brand new, there isn't much more of a story to tell. We are excited to move forward and begin creating a new history.

And as always, if you're interested in helping to write that history, we'd love to have you join us.